I Forgot The Password To My Laptop How Do I Get It Or Reset It?


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If you have forgotten your password then you should not panic as you can get into your laptop or computer in a number of other ways. Firstly, after you have started up your computer then you need to wait around 10 seconds.
After this and when it starts to load up you will be taken to a black screen which at which point you will need to hit F8 on your computer or laptop. This will take you to a booting screen which will provide you with a number of options.
You will then have the opportunity to enter what is called safe mode on your laptop or computer meaning you do not need to locate or find any passwords. It will then take you to your normal start up desktop and you can find your password in the settings or you should try the control panel. If your laptop crashes, then you should follow the same setup as mentioned above.
After you have completed this stage you will then have to go to run and type in msconfig which will bring up a box that will tell you how you want to restart. You should click on selective start up which means that once you restart again you will have the basic elements that will appear on your desktop but will be without things like wireless or access to the Internet. You will then need to follow the rules again and click all the boxes after typing in msconfig and hitting enter on your laptop.
Your computer will then ask you to restart upon exiting or exit without restart. It is essential you click exit with restart. Then all you need to do is wait for your laptop to load up and you should be able to log in as normal.
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If you have a PC, start it up and before it loads hit F8 or whichever key it is for the boot menu. Select "safe mode." When you start your PC up in safe mode, you won't have to log in, it automatically puts you into a temporary administrative account. From there, just go into Control Panel and Users and switch your password. Then reboot.
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I forgot my password to my laptop how do I reset it

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