I Have A Windows Vista Hp Pavilion Laptop And I Forgot Password How Do I Reset It With No Charge?


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The Power On password is set in the System BIOS options. It prevents unwanted users from accessing the computer. By default, HP does not set the Power On password. If you set the Power On password in the System BIOS options you will be prompted for it immediately after you power on the computer. If this password is forgotten, a repair at an HP certified repair centre is required to reset the computer. Please contact HP to schedule a repair. This service is not covered by the warranty.               

If you have a registered administrator on the computer and it is one of the users who have forgotten their password, then it is possible to reset their password through the administrator account. To do this you must first of all hold the Power Button in for 5 seconds to turn off the computer then wait 5 seconds and press the Power Button again to start the computer. Press F8 after the HP or Compaq logo screen, but before the Windows logo screen is displayed.

Select Safe Mode from the Windows Advanced Options Menu and then select the Administrator account. Select Control Panel from the Start Menu then User Accounts. Select the User's name that you wish to reset the password for. Select Change Password and follow the on-screen instructions. NOTE: If Administrator is not listed as one of the options, type ‘Administrator’ into the username box of the login screen.                

Many people put a password on their laptop in the hope that it will put thieves off stealing their device as it can make it extremely difficult to access the computer without this password. Passwords should be six to eight characters, contain numbers and letters and should not contain any specific dates or words that may be easy to guess or figure out, particularly if the thief knows you.
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Hi I have window vista and I'm forget my password and tell me how I'm start my laptop without password?
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Clearly if you can't get past the password you can't get to the control panel. Wow
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You need to login to the system using the admin profile.then go to the control panel - > user profiles and reset your password for your profile
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Go to the control panel and make password reset disk then you r able to break or reset the password

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