How Can I Reset A Dell Laptop Administrator Password?


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If you haven't managed to get your Admin/BIOS password cleared on your Dell laptop yet, you can get in touch and I can compute a password you can use to clear your passwords.  Will need to know the "Service Tag/Error Code" number your laptop displays when the request for the password comes up.  Format for the Service Tag number will be displayed in ALL Capitol letters/numbers.  It will show the same seven digit Service Tag number that is found on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop, followed by a dash "-", then a four digit error code (595B, 2A7B, A95B, or D35B)  .  It will look something like "GF34T51-595B".  If you can provide that number from your laptop, I can computer the password you'll need to unlock your laptop.
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One of my dell laptops do not work can't put disc in to restore it as it says activate off and it says ask a administrators to activate it so can I do this on line by giving details I got the numbers on back of laptop so you can activate it as at the Mormant I am useing my others laptop but if I can get the laptop working than I can resale it but I can't yet so what do you need so it can be activate again

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