Do you think the new phone watches will really take off?


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Jonathan Dyson answered

recently saw a review show talk about these. Apparently for most of
them you need to tether an internet connection with a phone. Which means
you need your phone for the watch to work with the internet and if you
don't have the phone connected you just have an expensive watch with a
few offline features.

worst part is the very smart phone you need to connect the watches to
the internet can do everything the watch can do. For that reason I don't
think they will gain major popularity, however I do think those who are
gadget obsessed will buy them just so they can say they have one.

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Ziyad Nazem answered

The iPod nanos which have the watch bands are actually quite appealing as they're a watch, but you can also plug in headphones and listen to music.. Especially great for working out, and when you're running around.

This technology can, and could be very convenient for a select group of people, plus all the hipsters will have one.

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Dan Banks
Dan Banks commented
Good point Ziyad, hadn't thought of that. There is nothing more annoying than going for a run with an ipod in your pocket!
Lily Bradic
Lily Bradic commented
I can definitely see why having an iPod Nano with a watch-strap would be useful (just try going to the gym with an iPod Classic and no pockets!) but the idea of a phone-watch is lost on me.
Adila Adila
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I have that with my Sony MP4, its nbd.
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Lily Bradic , iPhone user who doesn't wear a watch, answered

I think phone watches are just a gimmick, and highly doubt they'll take off.

They combine two things: A time-keeper, and a phone. All phones have clocks on them, and most have stop-watches, alarms, and timers as well. These are all great features, but the phone part is still the most important.

I don't even wear a watch anymore—the battery died on my old one, and since I've always got my phone on me anyway, I never saw the need to replace it.

Lots of people are used to the panic that comes with realising you've left your phone at home. I don't know of anybody who panics like that when they forget their watch!


All you're really getting with a phone-watch is a phone with limited functionality and a watch that's large, cumbersome and isn't simple enough to be a good watch. I just don't see there being a market for something like this.

Besides, in order to actually text properly, you'd have to hold your arm out in front of you, and I'm sure that'd start to ache after a while.

There was talk of watches that could text about ten years ago—I remember people talking about them at school because there was a ban on using your mobile in class—but it obviously never took off. I don't see how it'll be any different this time!

Virginia Zuloaga Profile

As much as I love  gadgets I'm also a classic watch lover and the options of smart watches that I've been seeing, they all lack style, elegance and for what I'm reading here, functionality.

Watches are developing very cool features lately, creating new concepts like the Citizen Eco-Drive technology or the majestic  Urwerks just to name a few.  Any smart watch will look like a kid's toy compared to the real ones! 

Urwerk UR 1001

What I don't see clearly is what group of people will be the real target?  Sometimes it's difficult to know.  In my case I like mobiles and watches but I wouldn't buy a phone-watch. 

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Yo Kass answered

I haven't even heard anything about these "smart watches", but I think I was a bit ahead of the time when it comes to technological watches.

When I was around 10, I was one of the first kids in my class to come to school with this bad boy:

That's right, it's a WWF Wrestling watch.

Not only does it tell the time, but you can also battle it out in the ring as a tiny LCD Hulk Hogan - how cool is that?

Anyway, back to the smart watch idea, I think it's a dead end because the future of technology is going to be about voice recognition and augmented reality. Products like Google Glass sound a lot more likely to take off - I don't think anyone needs a Casio wristwatch with an iPhone stuck to it.

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Adila Adila answered

No. Believe it or not but watches are still more popular than phones. What are people going to buy for their loved one's birthdays? A watch is the first thing I think off when it's a guys birthday (either that or I'm just too stereotypical here!) . But I know a lot of people with watch collections, and I love my watches too!

A watch phone is a pointless creation, its not going to change anything, it will just make these Tech guru's moan in their sleep about having to review yet another failed invention to make this world smarter. Watches should remain as they are and so should phones. Look at all the things we are trying to do with our phones, iPads and iPad mini's seriously what's happening here? We will bore out this world, that's what! People will get so sick of it...

The most funny thing is that they think it's 'cool' well it's not. Wearing your phone on your wrist is rather a silly idea... It will just be headache and may be popular for like 15 minutes before someone gets sick of it and there you go!

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