How Do I Restore My Hp Laptop Without Losing Files And With No Recovery Disc?


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tony ohare , Data Recovery, answered

Simply take you laptop to Data Recovery experts available in market, they will charge you some amount for
recovering the data but you’ll get your data back.

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Deepesh Kumar answered

To get all the files back it is better that you show your laptop to an expert like stellar data recovery service. I can vouch for their service. They do an amazing job in regaining the files without any glitches.

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Kelly Bell , Online Technical Support Services(, answered

The only option that will not erase your personal files is, Microsoft System Restore.

Remember that this option will just allow you to return the operating system to a previous point in time.

So the better option is that you show your laptop to an expert or search for online laptop repair service. They do a wonderful job in recovering the files without any faults.

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data recovery answered

This problem is very simple. Just download a Bitwar Data Recovery on your computer

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Go to system restore and click which restore point you want and go from there. You wont lose any files

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