How Can I Setup My HP Deskjet F4140 Without The Installation Disc?


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If you are not able to locate your HP printer from your computer you can always visit the HP site or you can even download the driver for HP F4140 from this site -
There follows some simple instructions to follow. When your laptop or computer asks you to insert the installation CD, you will need to give it the driver file you have downloaded. If you are still finding problems installing then locate the CD or find someone who has a copy or the same printer.
You will need to install the F4140's software and drivers onto the PC. If you do not possess the installation disc, open your browser, go to and on the top of the HP home page, please click on "Support and Drivers" and select the button "Download Drivers and Software."
You will then be required to enter "Deskjet F4140" in the blank box and press "Enter." On the next page, select the operating system of your PC. Click on the "HP Deskjet Full Feature Software and Drivers" link, which will open a download dialog box. Select where on the computer's hard drive you want to save the installation program. When the download is complete, find the installation software and double-click on it, then all you will need to do is follow the on-screen instructions.
You will have to restart your computer after you are done following all of the installation software's instructions, which will vary based on the operating system your computer is using.
When your system begins to load up again you will be required to plug the USB cord into your computer and the F4140. By then the process of doing this should enable the scanner on the Deskjet F4140 to be used.
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I don't have installation disc
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I lost the disc for my hp deskjet F4140 can you install it
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I lost my disk how can I hook up my F4140 Printer
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call HP Printer Tech Support Phone Number 1-866-978-6861 to

instant Solutions.

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HP Deskjet F4140 printer is to be very Faster Printer .It Will be used to installed Driver with Internet to easily search.For More info to Click our HP Printer Support and Dial Our Toll Free Number +44-808-280-2972

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Basically, if you are running an operating system (such as Windows XP) you should be able to just download the driver and you're away.

You can download the driver (as well as the full feature software) for your particular printer from here. (NB: For use with Windows XP).

If you are not using Windows XP, try going to this page here and choosing your appropriate operating system first.
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READ THE README FILE (it's called "readme") it addresses this printer scanning issue.

It will tell you to use other existing programs on your computer to scan the document from the printer into that program (Paint, for example)


*open Paint
*click File
*click scan or scan from scanner/copier or whatever it says
*choose your hp printer if it is not already selected by default

And voila! Assuming your printer is on and the document is already there waiting, you will now be able to scan.

The Readme file specifically says the scan button only works with the cd software installation, not with the internet (HP Corporate Solution) download.  But you can still scan.
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I'm trying to scan pictures, but it's not working.  I'm only able to print.  Please help!
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You don't have driver for your printer. First download the driver of hp F4140 from this site >>>

When your computer asks you to insert the installation cd, you give it the driver file which you have downloaded.

This should install the driver. I don't think there is any other problem besides this.

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