How Can I Install My Printer Hp Photosmart D7260 Without The Cd Installer?


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As simple as astrophysics.. Here we go.. Without the installation CD that came with the printer.. The exact same install programs that came on the orginal install CD can be found at your companies printer's MAIN WEBSITE.. I assume is hewlett packard so go to their website.. When it comes up search their SEARCH BOX and type in something like INSTALL DRIVER.. Hit ENTER.. Whatever comes up start looking for your model printer D7260.. Go to the link for your model and look for the correct download program for example WINDOWS XP or VISTA, etc.... Start the download and save this download file to your desktop for easy locating right after you close out of this website when it is finished.. Once it's downloaded close out of the website and double click this new file on your desktop and the program will begin to autoplay.. Go through all the steps thru the install wizard and you should be on your way as the drivers will install properly to the designated locations and not to your desktop screen... Your printer should be plugged in and turned on before you double click on this new downloaded file just to be safe.. Once it's installed your printer will automatically begin to print a test page instantly or restart your computer as soon as the install is finished and leave your printer plugged in and turned on as your computer restarts.. I hoped this helped out a lot.. Tony

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