How Can I Install Canon Mp160 Printer Without Cd?


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You can install the Canon Mp160 Printer software directly from the Canon website; you no longer need the CD to obtain the software.

Go to if you are in Europe and if you are in the USA.

If you are connected to the internet when you plug your Canon camera into your computer, it is likely that it will automatically connect to the Canon website and give you the option to download the software.

This is much more efficient that having the CD. Not only does it avoid wasting products through the production of CDs but it also means that you can constantly update your software to ensure you have the latest available technology, directly from Canon.

You may be using an old camera, but that does not mean that you cannot have the most up-to-date photo editing technology available to you. As the majority of people become more and more computer literate and software becomes more accessible and of a higher standard, particularly the software which comes free with your camera, more people are turning to photo editing techniques to produce professional quality and high standard photographs.

You no longer need to be a professional photographer to come up with fantastic results as you manipulate the contrasts and special effects that make your photographs look truly remarkable. You can adjust the exposure, the colours, straighten your photos if they are slightly out of line which is particularly useful with landscape or horizon shots, you can crop photos, fix ‘red eye’ and adjust certain points of the picture.

Many photo editing tools will also give you the option to make a movie with your photo stills, joining them together with music and special effects to present your pictures to friends and family or broadcast across the internet.
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There are two ways to install printer drivers, if you are using MS Windows XP then first try to connect your printer with your computer and power On your Printer and then try Add a Printer from printer  wizard then click on Next and then Select Local Printer and after that it will shows you a list of drivers and will be prompted you to choose the type of printer or model or brand select Canon and the right Side it will show you the Model if that model is not present then try to visit Canon site and Download printer driver. You can Download Printer Driver from here.,,,

Best of Luck try the best but carefully.
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Down load the software from the Canon Site and install it.
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5 yr old maC DIED....JUst got a NEW ONE AND caN'T FIND CD FOR canon ip4500 PRINTER. ANY IDEAS?
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Just plug it in and turn it on in the bottom right of your screen a message with appear new hardware found click on this and follow the instructions I have the same printer and just did it on my new computer

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