What Do You Mean By Desktop?


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The on-screen work area on which windows,icons,menus, and dialog boxes appear. The desktop appears after you turn on your computer and load windows. The coloured area you see on the screen is called desktop. This contains small pictures or graphics objects and a bar at the bottom of the screen with start button and other things on it. This screen is called desktop because the surface looks like a desk with objects you might have on your personal desk.

In case of windows you see small graphics objects such as My computer, a recycle bin, an inbox, my briefcase. These objects are called icons, meaning images. The icons on the desktop allows you to view and interface with windows. To do things on the desktop, you control the icons using the mouse, the movement of which moves a pointer on the screen. Sometimes you click on the icons, sometimes you double click. Some times slide an icon by moving while keep on the pressing one of the mouse button.

Because of these graphic objects on the screen windows is reffered to as a graphical user interface (GUI). People also refer to it as point and click interface, because you use a mouse to point at on screen objects and then click on them. Apple computers introduced the first successful GUI with its macnotish computer in 1984.

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