What Is The Most Powerful Desktop Computer?


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As you only say 'Most powerful desktop computer' without specifying 'prebuilt'... I'd have to say that since very small form factor supercomputers would have to take that one. They are very expensive (think $7k USD and up), and are configurable to hold many processors and attendant memory.

I once went surfing around the net looking for information on supercomputers and found a couple of sites selling custom configured (specs, processor numbers, etc) micro supercomputers. I'd never even heard of such things, and could not believe how small computers that could still be termed as supercomputers could be... (O_o)

So as someone that many people have asked " So how much would it cost for a computer?", I got into the habit of saying "What do you want it to do?", and if the reply was "Everything.", I'd simply say "$8.3 Million."... After all, while A supercomputer CAN be pretty small, and only cost a couple thousand dollars, for one that can do EVERYTHING, I always feel you'd need an industrial-level supercomputer... It puts things into perspective...

Hope that helps! (^_^)
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There's nothing as such like The Most Powerfull Desktop Computer & bla bla, Sweety!
You have to configure your own. But if Branded Desktops are to be concerned then undoubtedly the title goes to the new Mac Pro. Check it out at But it has more a server like configuration than a desktop. But I promise you, there are resources already available in the market or would soon be available with which you can build a PC more powerful than the Mac Pro. Take Care ! :-)

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