A Home Computer User Is Trying To Customize The Power Management On A Computer Using Windows XP. However, The Custom Configuration Is Unsuccessful. What Task Must Be Completed To Enable Power Management To Be Configured?


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If you are getting this error message on your Windows XP computer, there are a few steps that you can carry out to ensure that your computer runs smoothly. When you start up your computer you will need to press the F2 button on your keyboard so that you enter the BIOS section of your motherboard. Sometimes timing when to press the F2 button can be difficult so tapping it repeatedly during the start up will send you to the right screen eventually. In addition, the F2 button does not have this function for all computer manufacturers. If it does not appear to be working, try pressing the 'DELETE' button or the F10 button. Check the manual for your computer to determine the right button for entering the BIOS screen.

Once you have the BIOS screen in front of you, you will need to navigate around the menu options until you have found the 'Power', or similar, settings. Where this appears on the BIOS screen will depend on the make and model of your computer. Within the 'Power' menu you will then be able to customize the power management settings. Some computers will offer advice about how to do this along the bottom of the screen. When you have made the necessary changes, you will then be able to exit the screen pressing the F10 or 'ESCAPE' button.

For detailed instructions and guidelines about dealing with start-up problems, visit the Windows help website at Here you can search for the specific error message or query that you have. If you are still having problems with your Windows XP computer then seek the advice of a specialist. Windows has a customer service helpline that you will be able to phone. Speaking to someone directly allows you to describe your problem exactly and the advisor in the call centre will be able to talk you through solving it.
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