How Do I Fix The Error Message C00D10DA On Windows Media Player?


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Error message c00d10da indicates that there is problem with windows media player and also with cd burning.
solution. The easiest way to troubleshoot this issue is to remove your current windows media player and try to reinstall updated and new version of media player..
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If you are using windows media player 10 or 11,it is a common error code on that while burning cd.Just try un installing it and then re installing and it will work.
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This error comes when some of the files of an application get corrupt. You should better install a fresh copy of media player in order to enjoy your party.
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Ive tried uninstalling and re installed but it give me the same one I had and it wont let me burn cd or video wut do I do?
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Microsoft will not answer this one, I have tried.. They should not use the public to test there Software (sorry I mean   Slopware). At least after using the public in such a way, they should then solve the problem.  Philip P.     There must be laws against what they do.
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This error means that there is an error in another program run by the windows etc, this error occurred due to the problem in system resources. The best option is to close all other programs and then go for restarting the specific PC, and then should start the burning activity again.
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A very simple solution is that you reinstall the media player on your machine. And prefer to have a newer version of the player.
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• Clean the disc, make sure it isn't damaged, and then try again.
• Try to use different blank disc.
• Close all other open programs, and then try again.
• Select a slower recording speed for the CD burner.
• You can also use third party repair tool to fix it.
• I was also facing this same error but today I have fix my PC by following given above instructions.

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