I Have An Error Message \system32\ntoskrnl.exe?


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Ntoskrnl.exe error is like other EXE errors, it can get installed on
your computer without your permission. Without knowing about it, it may
have already continued to install a number of corrupted files on your
What Are the Causes of ntoskrnl.exe error?

To successfully troubleshoot a ntoskrnl.exe error, you need to know
the cause of the error. Shared below are some of the common causes of
exe errors:
  • Malware infection
  • Incorrect installation of programs
  • Outdated software
  • Conflicting software
  • Registry issues
  • Hardware issues
Remove ntoskrnl.exe error manually

You could try to remove ntoskrnl.exe manually, which might be
performed by some experienced computer users. The manual ntoskrnl.exe
removal can be done by
1. Deleting all ntoskrnl.exe related processes (all malicious EXE files);

2. Erasing any associated EXE files (Dynamic Link Library);

3. Removing any .lnk files associated with the virus;

4. Entering the registry via the regedit command, finding and removing
dangerous files in the following directories HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
Removing ntoskrnl.exe error manually is not easy, and if something
what you’ve done is wrong, you may make it even worse and waste more
time. So the manual ntoskrnl.exe removal is dangerous and not
Remove ntoskrnl.exe automatically with the Best Spyware Scanner

Free download the best anti-virus and anti-spyware tool like Best
Spyware Scanner is the easiest and safest way to remove ntoskrnl.exe.
Just with a few clicks, it can easily remove all exe errors such as
ccsvhst.exe, spoolsv.exe, and ccapp.exe etc.
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This error usually occurs if the ntoskrnl.exe file is missing or corrupt because of a corrupt windows.First try repairing windows by booting it from cd and choosing the recover windows option. You will not lose any data while recovering windows.If it does not work then you will have to use the recovery cd.
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But I only have one CD called Recovery and Applications/Drivers DVD for my Satelite A55 Series Toshiba. Do I use this CD to recover windows?
Also, how do I boot from that CD? Upon start what do I press. Thanks for your help
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System32.EXE is like other exe files, it is used to run programs
in Windows, and it has the .exe extension. If you encounter a
System32.EXE error, you may unable to run a program or application on
your computer or logon problems may occur and prevent you from gaining
access to your system, the reason for this is, most of the time, the
presence of malicious software.

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