How To Create A .exe File Of Application File In Visual FoxPro?


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Earlier than you can allocate your application, you must construct an application (.app) file, an executable (.exe) file, or a COM constituent (mechanization head waiter) with a .dll or .exe extension. After choosing the category of construct , think about the mass of your ultimate application file and look whether users have Visual FoxPro installed on their computers.

There are three types of file in Visual FoxPro:

Application (.app) file:

This file requires that the user must have a duplicate of Visual FoxPro installed. An .app file is typically lesser than an .exe file.

Executable (.exe) file

This file requires the Visual FoxPro loader so users do not require have Visual FoxPro installed.
You must supply the two hold up files VFPVersionNumberR.dll and VFPVersionNumberRENU.dll where Version Number provides the account figure of this release of Visual FoxPro. The letters, "EN", signify the English description. These files must be positioned in the similar index as the .exe file or the length of the DOS pathway.

COM Server (.dll or .exe) files

This file is to used to make a file that can be called by additional applications.
In Visual FoxPro, you can generate two types of COM server (.dll, formerly, OLE) files. You must supply run-time hold up files, including the VFPVersionNumberR.dll, VFPVersionNumberT.dll, and VFPVersionNumberRENU.dll files.

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