Can Anyone Explain Different Types Of Files In DOS?


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Many types of information can be stored in files. In some files computer programs are stored and in other data are stored. The function performed by a file determines its types. Depending upon their function, files are divided into four types. These are program files, system files, Text files and batch files. In program files, instructions are stored in computer codes. The programs files are used to solve different problem on the computer. These files have an extension of EXE or COM. To execute a program file on computer, the name of the file is typed at DOS prompt and then enter key is pressed. DOS loads the files in the memory and processor starts acting on the instructions given in the file.

System files also consist of instructions that are stored in computer codes. These files are used to control the different units of computers. These files have the extension SYS. Text files are used to store data in alphabetic characters or ASCII code. These files normally contain raw data in text form. Generally, these files have the extension of TXT but any file name with any extension can be given for these files.Batch files are also like text files. In these files, the DOS commands or program file names are written as a text. These files always have an extension of BAT.

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