How Many Types Of Commands Are There In DOS?


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There are two types of commands in DOS; internal command and external commands. Internal commands are part of command processor These are loaded into the computer memory when the computer is booted. The internal commands do not have separate files. These commands reside in the computer memory and are always not available so long as the computer is on.

That is why they are called internal commands.Command processor compromises different instructions. These instructions are divided into different groups called functions. Each function has a name for example CLS, COPY etc. If the name of any function is given o computer, the computer executes the instructions that function and shifts the control back to the DOS prompt. These functions are the internal commands. The mainly internal commands are CLS, DATE, TIME, PROMPT, MD, CD, RD, DIR, COPY, TYPE, DEL, REN, VER, VOL, PATH etc.

CLS stands for clear screen. It is used to clear the screen of the monitor. After cleaning the screen, the DOS prompt appears the upper left hand corner of the screen. Date command is used to display and change the system time. The DATE command runs automatically when system boots.
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