What Are Features Of DOS?


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  • Main Features of DOS:
The DOS operating system is the system that takes control over the whole machine and essentially makes the computer work and perform the programs we wish to use. The operating system manages both the hardware and the software that the computer has and allows us to control external devices or use external devices to control the computer.

The primary feature of DOS is to load data and programs from external sources and bring them into the internal memory so they can be used on the computer. DOS also enables the computer to perform input and output operations such as displaying images on the screen and it also controls other external devices such as the printer and controls what is send to the printer. It also controls input for external devices such as the keyboard or mouse or other sources such as a scanner or external hard drive. The DOS system will also store any data that is collected during use such as anything that is saved, downloaded, edited and stored.

  • What is DOS?
DOS is an operating system for personal computers and was one of the first to be created. DOS stands for Disk Operating System and was first used in the 1960s after it was created by Tim Patterson who worked for Seattle Computer Products. The system was soon discovered by Microsoft who licensed the product. DOS is often known as MS-DOS which stands for Microsoft Disk Operating System. There have been many different versions of MS-DOS that adapt and evolve as new technologies are developed. MS-DOS has been the leader in the market since it was licensed but over recent years Apple have proved to be a major competitor.
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It's the operating system which controls all the basic input/output and disk operating functions of the computer, and underlies the applications.

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