What Is The Difference Between Dos And Windows?


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DOS or disk operating system requires a much more comprehensive knowledge of commands in order to operate the computer. If you reinstall windows XP or lower or even start the computer and select safe mode there is an option to work with command prompt or C:. This basically is DOS. You need to know what commands to use as well as flags to add to the command lines in order to do such things as print, load a program and pretty much everything else. Windows simplifies this process and makes the computer much more user friendly without the need to understand DOS commands and functions.
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Feature of windows
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Compared and contract between dos windows
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Wel mr DOS is a CLI and windows GUI, there arent any graohics in DOS but windows rockz, Both reside on disk and are single user operating systemz but still then windows is much easy to use , using DOS meanz breaking your own head.... It stinkz ..any way you got the idea
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Windows mode provides better and simple user interface , and  supports lots of input devices

DOS mode works on corresponding commands , keyboard is the only supporting input device
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Most versions of DOS don't support windows in any form. Some later versions of DOS have a text based window system shell, but I don't recall that it allows "dragging" or "dropping."

"Windows" is bigger, slower, and gives you eye-candy. Each successive version is bigger yet, and even slower--to the point now where a 3- or 4-GHz multiprocessor Windows computer boots much slower than a 10 MHz DOS machine.

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