What Are The Differences Between "My Computer" And Windows Explorer?


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The Difference between my computer and windows explorer is that my computer is an icon and can be created any where in the computer system. Windows Explorer is a menu which can not be converted into computer icon and it can only be accessed by right clicking on my computer icon or through the start button.

Whenever you open my computer it contains all the partitions of your hard disk, such as A: drive C: Drive D: Drive control panel and network etc. Opposite to this when you explore the window explorer it contains all the partition of computer hard disk and the entire folders that contain all the files in that particular folder. Such as C: / all programs / yahoo messenger / yahoo / icons.exe.

Windows explorer gives views of the folders and sub folders into one single window. In my computer all the folder and subfolder can be accessed through a step-by-step window opening process.

My computer is a single window whereas windows explorer is divided into two panes one on the left side and the other on the right. Left pane contains the drives in the form of a hierarchy and their folders and sub folders, whereas the right pane represents the closer view of files.

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They perform the same basic function, which is to let you explore the hard-drive(s) of the computer sitting on your desk. They even both allow you to look at hard-drives on remote computers, if correctly mounted (permissions set).

The main difference are A) the names; B) finding them; C) the colour scheme.

Otherwise, you can find most of the same options, viewing, file management, etc. eventually, in the menu bars at the top of each one. Navigation is also "slightly" different.

A) the name difference you already figured out. Once upon a time we had "File manager" on Microsoft systems, which was an even more sensible name for managing files on your local computer, but I guess that got "old".

B) My computer is on the Desktop (computer screen icon), Windows Explorer is in the menu bar from the start button. Confusing, but you get used to it.

C) I suppose the newer colour scheme is smarter. AT least, it's not confusing.
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what are the differences between my computer and windows explorer

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My Computer is a short cut icon -- to hard drives and files on them
Explorer is software for file management -- Index of such

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