What Are The Differences Between Linux Operating System And Windows Operating System?


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Disregard the first answer you saw; it is very wrong and misleading. Linux is truly a multi-user system suited for multi-tasking and it has been this way, since day one. Windows charges extra for multiuser, a thing which it does poorly. Linux is generally distributed free including source; no version of windows does that. Linux is STABLE in comparison to Windows and is often faster too. There may be some program applications which may be slower but that is not Linux's fault; it is the application being compared. Purchasing Windows is like buying a car with the hood welded shut. Buying Linux is like buying a car with a complete set of free mechanics tools and design specifications supplied for could go on and on.... Today, Linux is the basis for a robust and far reaching home, office and manufacturing platform deserving a thorough evaluation.
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For Linux free online technical support in Linux Online/Redhat,where in Windows-no support online.
C and C++ compilers for Linux -yes,Windows -no.
Number of file systems supported in Linux-32,Windows-3
Number of GUI's in Linux -4,Windows-1
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In the linux operating system, a user can work on a single document whereas in the Windows operating system, a user can work on multiple documents. In the linux operating system, there is a single processor whereas in the Windows operating system there can be either a single or dual processor. In Windows, operating protection and security is more than linux operating system. Windows operating system has a graphical user interface.

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