I want to read all text messages my teenager has received and sent?


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Romona I really think rather then invading his or her privacy you should think logically about this although you might have deep insecurities ask yourself these two big questions 1) Is their good reason for me too? (Has the teenager done something to lead you to want to check his text.) 2) Is it worth comprimising you & your teens relationship? They may never trust you again and cut you off as soon as they can. 3) Would it just be simpler to talk to the teenager instead of going through their personal text? Honestly is the best policy explain to them how you feel they might even let you view them 4) If all else fails ask the phone company or check their phone when their not looking.
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Like I said, yoiure treading into the laws of privacy here so iof hes not willing to show you them then you may not be able to get them without obtaining a court order but you will have to show a very good justified reason for wanting and anything short of being a threat to National Security wont get them
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Depending on your carrier you can do it online.
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Youre right, Im wrong sorry, I forgot about that you can see them , am too old fashioned Im afraid with modern technology
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You can look at the bill, or ask 4 a copy. Its easy.
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If the phone is in your name, you might be able to ask the phone network for a paper copy of outgoing and incoming messages. This will most likely not display the messages but will give you a number of who they are going too.

If the phone is not in your name, then it is a lost cause.

In all honesty, you should just talk to your son/daughter if you are worried for their safety.

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If you pay the phone bill just ask for his phone and look for yourself.
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Sorry, but being a teen myself I don't think you should since you will either think your wasting your time or wish you had never looked.
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...I'm 15 and my parents bought the phone and neva touched any part appart from the box...but my parents know far less bout me than they think if you want to then get their phone but if they find out I imagine they wont be happy one bit :)
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I don't think you should look at every text your teenager sends. They need a little bit of space. I am 15 so I am more likely to take the teenager's side, but there are sometimes I think it is appropriate. If you get the feeling that they are hiding something important from you you should check for safty purposes but other than that you should give them some privacy unless you want them to hate you (sorry just being honest). Hope this helps :)

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