Can I Retract A Sent Message If The Receiver Has Not Opened The Message?


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Rosie Normanton answered
Unfortunately - you are not able to retract a message once it has been sent on Facebook. Whether this has been sent through the inbox facility or through the instant messaging chat facility, this message cannot be retracted once it has been sent. This is regardless of whether the message has been opened or not.

The reason for this is that the message has been transferred from one account to another. Since this has been done, the control of this message has not been given to the receiver and only they have the power to delete this message.

However - you can delete messages that have been sent to someone via their 'Wall'. The Facebook 'Wall' is a sort of public message feed that allows you to post a message, link, photo or other form of media onto another person's profile for them to see.

You can also delete comments on wall posts quite simply also. In order to delete wall posts and comments you must:

  • Find the comment or wall post you wish to delete
  • Hover your mouse over the cross symbol in the top-right corner of the post
  • Click the cross symbol
  • Confirm that you do indeed wish to delete this post or comment
  • The post should now be deleted

Be aware that you can only delete your own posts and comments and other people's comments on your posts. Other than that there is no way to retract messages sent over Facebook.
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Madbiker McMad answered
Sorry, once you have sent an email, you have no chance of retracting it. The recipient's email provider will refuse any request to delete an email of one of its customers, short of a court order.

Although email delivery is not enshrined in law the way postal delivery is, you have no 'rights' to demand that an email you sent be removed from the system.

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