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Making of your free hotmail account is as simple as just click. There are some steps which will lead you to your free hotmail account.  1: Just open the hotmail official website i.e  2: Then click the sign-up button, which you can see easily at the top of the hotmail browser.  3: Then after some time a page will open, in which you will see a form for entering some of your information.  4: First enter your first, middle, and last name.  5: Then enter your user name, via which you will login into your account, and this username will be your e-mail address also. For example [email protected] Here abc is your username.  6: Then enter your gender, either male or female.    7: Then enter your password, and again retype your password.  8: Then enter your secret question and answer.  9: Then enter your area zip/postal code.  10: Then enter your alternate e-mail address, on which your new account information will be sent.  11: Then enter your location or country information.  12: Then enter your security number, which is shown in the graphical box.  13: So at last press the submit button.  And after some time you will see a confirmation page that your account has been made and when you click the continue button then you will be login to your new hotmail free account.  And that's it.
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On some of them it says how do you change it too make a .com
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Making a hotmail e-mail account is pretty simple. You need to log in to the hotmail website at There you are given the opportunity to create your own e-mail account with hotmail. On the left side of the screen you will see a sign up button that lets you start the process. You have to choose a particular e-mail address like [email protected] or [email protected] and will up an online form.

Information required in the form includes selecting a password, first name, last name, gender, date of year, country, state/territory, postal code etc. You may also need to select a number of online publications that are offering free subscriptions.

A Hotmail account allows a person the use of software like MSN with which one can chat online with ones contacts world wide and keep in touch with them.
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