I Cannot Log Into My Hotmail Account....


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To Whom it may concern,
I am not able to sign into my hotmail account,I haven't changed the password but it keeps on saying incorrect password or email address,I don;t know why.
I have even tried to change the password but that isn't working either.
Can you please send me details on how to fix this problem.

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Thanks for your answer I'll try it but how comes that so, logged into my eBay account and put some stuff on sale I've never seen before.. Some xbox games don't know.. Unbelievable , have I been pushed???
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I have not been able to log in since I opened a message yesterday from msn stating my account was about to be closed if I didnt reply and provide my login and password.  I was skeptical but anxious not to lose my account.  Big mistake.  Have not been able to log in since! Date:  5/16/10
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The Chinese characters appear on the screen because of problem with the browser. Sometimes it doesn't direct you to the exact URL of the website. For example, when you write www.hotmail.com the URL opens is as follows;


If you find any problem in opening the hotmail account then copy and paste the above URL in the browser and it will open correctly. Click here to open hotmail.
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I took your advice with the http: above. I still get error messages that won't let me get to the log-in page for hotmail. Like there's an Internet Explorer error about expected objects. I'll keep trying because it may just be an Internet Explorer error. Do you have other suggestions or solutions?

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