Why I Can't Log In Into My Gmail Account?


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I know my user name and password but I can't access my gmail account last 32 hour.
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Sometimes this problem occurs in Gmail but there is nothing to worry about it. Mostly the Gmail user forgets their account password and some have technical issues. If user forgets their account password then the user can recover that by three ways: By phone number, by recovery email and by security question which had been asked at the account signup time. And for the technical problem user may check their internet connection, clear the browser history, update current browser if outdated and can login to another browser. Even then find any difficulty then follow the below link:



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Whenever I am opening my gmail account in my pc, only my relatives gmail account is getting opened permanently. Please help me in this regard.
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I am able to sign in to my account but not able to check my mails.
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May be you have a virus in your computer, known as "BOOTEX"..; so I think you should check it out with your computer vendor.
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I had a problem with my gmail when I was trying to contact this guy about Ladder Ball but I checked the help section and got my problem fixed I suggest you try the same
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You might have typed it in wrong. Its a good idea to write down important information like this in a safe place
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Maybe your username and password aren't correct or maybe your internet isn't working well.
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There can be many reasons for your gmail account to not work. First of all check whether you have provided the correct email and password. If that is not the problem, check your internet connection. Sometimes the gmail account does not work because the internet speed is very low.

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