How Can I Insert My Email Address In A HTML Format In Web Page?


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For instance, if you want to produce a sentence such as "Send email to life56" (and you want that 'life56' is the email link) then you write this:

Send email to
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An email hyperlink is a special type of links on a web page that allows the user to send email to a specified email address. When the user clicks on this link, an email program opens and you can then write an email to send it to the specified address. The code to use an email hyperlink is similar to the other link types.
The same tag () of HTML is used for email hyperlinks as for other links.
A special attribute ("mailto") of the
tag makes a link an email hyperlink.
A HTML code is given below that uses an email hyperlink. Open a simple text editor and write this code:


"use of hyperlinks"


Click here

Email Me


Save this file as "email.html". Now when you will open this saved file it will display a text "Email Me" that act as email hyperlink. By clicking this word an email editor will open. The address specified in this link will automatically appears in the to text box of email editor.
In this code "user-name" is any email id to which you want to send an email through your web page. Here in the above example we use a text as an email hyperlink. But we can also use an image or a button as email hyperlinks as well.
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For example if you want to send a mail to a person having e mail id "xyz", and you want see the link as " mail " in that case use the code like this


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then write
a href =
then your email id in double quotes then put
Write your e mail address again
Then in end write

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