What's the hottest smart phone out there? Are Blackberry phones still cool?


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Without doubt the 'hottest' smart phone out there is the Apple iPhone, and no, Blackberrys aren't cool! Blackberrys stopped being cool when it became apparent that they're about as reliable as an umbrella in the wind, and when hordes of Chavs started using them.

The five best smart phones on the market right now:

  • Apple iPhone 5: The iPhone is the most user-friendly and stylish smart phone out there. Its the perfect blend of functionality and fashion.
  • HTC One: HTC make great phones, and Android is an easy-to-use and flexible operating system. Its difficult to put my finger on why, but the HTC experience just isn't as slick as using an iPhone.
  • Samsung Galaxy S3: The Galaxy S3 is set to become the biggest competition to the Apple iPhone. It's made well, and is very powerful and functional. This phone is certainly superior to the HTC, but I find it hard to choose between it and the iPhone.

Choosing a 'hot' new smart phone can take a while so make sure you get a chance to have a good try on all of the above! The HTC is a great phone, and the Samsung is very powerful, but for me, the iPhone just nudges ahead of the rest on this list!

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I have an HTC and, although it is fast, reliable and does everything you'd expect of a smart-phone, it will NOT sync with my MacBook or iPad, even though the salesman convinced me that it would. As soon as my contract's up, I'm getting an iPhone.
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If you are planing to buy a new phone, I would suggest you kindly wait for some time and let the Facebook Mobile come into the market.

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