What new Android phones are coming out this summer?


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2013 is set to be a very exciting year for the Android format. Two great new Android smartphones are being released and Facebook's Home wrapper for Android will also hit the shelves!

Android smartphones of 2013:

HTC One: This is HTC's new top-of-the-range handheld device and it's set to make a huge impact when it's released. The HTC One has been designed as an iPhone-killer, which means it has all the latest features HTC could cram into a device. New frontward facing speakers, a fast processor and a sleek metal casing catapults this device to the top-end of the smartphone market.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Samsung are looking to build on the undoubted success of the Galaxy S3, with their all new S4. The S3 was the most successful Android phone ever made, due to the capabilities of the device and a very innovative advertisement campaign. The S4 has been released to counter HTC's One device and to maintain Samsung's place at the top of the Android tree.


  • These devices both have fast quad-core processors.
  • They both have large 1080p displays, which are great on the eye.
  • Both phones are 4G capable.
  • These devices have powerful in-built cameras.
  • Samsung S4 and HTC One both use the Android Jelly Bean operating system.
Facebook's Home wrapper
Facebook have taken a unique foray into the smartphone market. The new 'Facebook Home' is not being billed as an app or operating system, instead Facebook claim it is simply a wrapper. Facebook Home transform your Android device into essentially a Facebook-phone.
Your phone's default screen is your Facebook feed, and all of your messages are routed through Facebook's chat, which means you can use other apps whilst communicating with your pals. The wrapper looks great, although there have been some privacy concerns. Expect more details when this wrapper comes out very soon. HTC are also developing a device which is solely made just to run Facebook Home.

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It’s a good news to all Android phone users is that there are 5 upcoming Android phones in coming summer 2014
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Moto X2/ Moto X+
One Plus One
The next Nexus
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Now android 6.0 is coming in few months.
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Here are the upcoming Android phones worth waiting for:

  1. Google Pixel Phone
  2. Huawei Mate 9
  3. Lenovo Phab 2 Pro

  4. OnePlus 4

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