What are the advantages of using Android Operating system for cell phones?


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It starts with iPhone. When it comes to smartphones, iPhone reviews thus far have a class of it's own, nothing comes close to it. Many believe Andriod is comparable and in some ways better than the iPhone. It's faster, more customizable, tracks and limits data costs and much more. Wired reports that Amazon is opening an Andriod app store on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 which is a big deal. Among others, the main advantage appears to be a growing user base and developer potential.


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Android is the open source compared to other mobile OS platforms and so there exist the ease of usability. There are  number of free android apps available for android in the market. Android OS is the apt option for under different categories like business usage as well as personal use. And yes Android holds the top position in US market share.

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The advantages of using Android Operating system for cell are
1.  Android is the future.
In the very near future, all your home appliances, you car etc will have
android OS in it and you will have full control if you have an android device like a phone or a tablet with you.

2. Android OS based phones come with a preinstalled software store application – Google Play which allows its users to source applications from one point.

3. The security of Android OS is superior in comparison to other mobile phone operating systems.

4. The privacy of phones operating on this OS has also been beefed up with the roll out of advanced versions.

5. They contain rich multimedia capabilities ranging from multimedia streaming to media transfer,one factor as to why an android user shall never get bored.

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It's an open resource platform. IOS system may be more closed and have many limitations.

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David! I have been using both iOS and Android devices for years and I
personally believe that the latter is totally inferior. I suggest that you drop
the idea of spending on an Android OS and opt for something that’s
user-friendly and stable. Also note that you cannot choose your operating
system, devices come with it! Apple smartphones & tablets use iOS, while
Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony and several others all run with Android!

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Yup, No doubt android is free sources, and numbers of apps available in free of cost, just open play store and install what you want, that's make easier for users to use android freely.

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  Android is developed by Google and Next Open Handset Alliance. It's developed by using the Java Code even though other languages also. Now Android is world health. Enroll here Android Online Training.

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Open-source: It means no licence,distribution and development fee.

Platform-independent: It supports windows, mac and linux platforms.

Supports various technologies: It supports camera, bluetooth, wifi, speech, EDGE etc. Technologies.

Highly optimized Virtual Machine: Android uses highly optimized virtual machine for mobile devices, called DVM (Dalvik Virtual Machine).

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I feel the 'open' part is one great advantage. And depending on iTunes every time you try to use content is a sure downer. I have the iPhone and I can see the difference whenever I get to play around with my brother's android phone. But anyway, Apple sure gives a unique experience, I guess.

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