What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tdma, Fdma, Cdma, Wcdma?


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TDMA is also known as time division multiple access, and it permits different users to operate on the same frequency. This type of access is advantageous as it schedules users at slightly different time periods, allowing for greater use of a medium network. However, it is disadvantageous in the sense that is can only operate through a delay system.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Other Systems

  • FDMA, or frequency division multiple access, allows users to access a single channel, through a shared frequency; this system is advantageous as it is run through a satellite and offers users the chance to share a channel easily without time delays. The disadvantage of FDMA is the expense of running the system, which requires costly, custom filters and other technical equipment.
  • CDMA is also known as code division multiple access, and it allows users to share a frequency through a special technique known as spread spectrum. The disadvantage of CDMA is that the codes assigned to each user can only be utilized by those people.
  • WCDMA is not a standard system for sharing channels.
Studying radios, channels and networks requires some knowledge of the science of sound, and the science of frequencies, satellites and computers. Many people who work in this field are able to customize access systems to meet the needs of a particular group of users; these specialists will design systems based on the objective of a certain group or company, and then tell the users exactly how to access the system on one frequency or multiple frequencies.

In general, technical knowledge is needed to customize systems, but users may not need technical knowledge to operate within systems found in a single channel. Through the decades, the use of satellites has resulted in more streamlines services for multiple users in network systems, and technological advancements will continue to push the science of sharing channels forward.

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