What Are The Advantages An Disadvantages Of Operating Systems?


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An operating system, or OS, is a software program that enables the computer hardware to communicate and operate with the computer software. The most well-known operating systems are Windows, Mac OS and Linux, all of which have different versions. Although Windows is a PC-based OS, it can be run on a Mac computer with the help of a programme called Parallels, for example. Generally speaking, here is a brief summary of pros and cons of each major operating system:

- Can be expensive, especially compared to Linux, which is in most cases free.
- Easy to use, especially for new computer users, and plenty of help resources are available online.
- Although Microsoft Windows has made great improvements in reliability with recent versions, it still lags behind its competitors.
- It has a large library of available software, games and utilities, although many are expensive.
- Hardware manufacturers all make drivers and support for Windows OS.
- Openness to virus attacks is a major disadvantage.

- It is an open source OS, which in most cases is free.
- Inexperienced computer users may find it more difficult to get to grips with Linux.
- It is very reliable and rarely freezes.
- Fewer computer programs, games and utilities are available for Linux.
- Many programs are free or open source, even very complex ones.
- There are still some manufacturers that do not offer hardware support for Linux OS, although there are fewer every year.
- The open source nature of Linux allows more advanced users to customise the code as they wish.
- Fewer people use Linux, therefore it is more difficult to find someone fully familiar with it, although there are vast resources online.

Mac OS:
- MAC computers are more expensive generally than PCs.
- MAC is a much more secure OS, and is far less open to viruses and malware.
- Stability is a major advantage - it very rarely crashes, loses data or freezes.
- Fewer computer programs and games are available for MACs.
- As most computer components of MACs are made by Apple, there are not many driver issues, unlike with PCs, which are made by many different manufacturers
MAC OS is not as customisable as Windows or Linux.
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1.easy to use
2.user friendly
3.intermediate between all hardwares and softwares of the system need to know any technical languages
5.Its the platform of all programs


1.if any problems affected in OS, you may lose all the contents which have been stored already
2.unwanted user can use your own system
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Well every personal computer or business computer, has an operating system. Such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Mac OS tiger, Mac OS leopard, Linux. Etc.

This is where you come to choose, you should check what software or hardware that is available to be used on the specific OS. Not all software works on ever OS!!! So you might have to do some research on what is the most compatible for you. Because this can save you a lot of money!

Hopefully this was helpful!
Any other questions, msg me!
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Windows have a very high compatability with games, and basically everything is on windows!

MAC's are expensive and non customisable, for example you can't upgrade the componants inside very easily and a lot of game are not compatible!! Only good thing really is the custom voices in the terminal and virus protection.

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Tha advantages of OS is speed, compatibility, safety and security, user interface. Tha major disadvantages are virus and malware.

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The advantages of the operating system are, compatibility, speed, user interface, piracy. The main disadvantages are virus, malware, and resource hog.

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There are no disadvantages to an operating system, being that without an operating system, a computer would not be able to function, at least where it would be any more than a series of static pictures.

Think of the operating system as you would think of the traffic lights in a major city, say, New York, for example.  Just as the traffic lights regulate the traffic in the city, the operating system regulates the traffic in the computer.  And not only that, it also serves as the liaison between the programs you may have installed and the computer.  Think of it somewhat like an attendant at an airport terminal.  You can see the planes out on the tarmac, you can see flights landing and leaving, however, how would you know which plane is which, if you do not have someone to guide you.  And that is the attendant, or one could say the liaison that acts as a go between the planes and the passengers.  Basically, an operating systems nothing more than a liaison between the hardware and the software, and of course much, much more.  Look up Operating Systems on the Internet, there's a wealth of knowledge to be had for free.  What I have mentioned is simply scratching the surface.

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