What are the advantages and disadvantages of the three most common operating systems?


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The three most common Operating Systems are:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux

Each OS has their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few:


Pros: The main plus point to using Windows is that it is the most popular operating system, which means almost all software programs are available for Windows. It is also available on a range of different computers, made by different manufacturers.

Cons: Unquestionably the biggest downside are viruses. Most viruses are written to attack Windows, and so it is essential to have a comprehensive anti-virus program.

Mac OS

Pros: Design. Only available on Apple machines which are usually considered to look far more attractive. Also good inter-connectivity with other Apple devices eg. IPod, iPhone etc.

Cons: Often more expensive than Windows machines for the same sort of features.


Pros: The Linux OS is free. It can also be installed on old machines which would not have the processing power to run other new operating systems.

Cons: Useability. Linux is not as easy to use as Windows or Mac. It is also a lot less widely used by others, so is more difficult to find help if something is not working as it should.

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