What cool photo did you recently add to your phone? (Tablets and computers are good too!)


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Dear Ms. Two,

I got one, just downloaded it today...so delightful, I loved it, it's a crescent moon with a Celtic knot

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Look! Our ladies getting ready for Olympic! ♥

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Matt Radiance
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I have no idea of your outlook! why you think it's wrong! ? we have the strongest female soccer in the world. we recently got the World cup and we must get a Olympic gold as well! plus our female national soccer team are among the most Gold medal winners. Hope Solo and Alex Morgan are among several Gold holders! our ladies are even stronger than our male in compare and result.
HappyTo BeHereTo
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Our athletes are wonderful! I hope the illness possibilities and other issues don't dampen their moment.
Matt Radiance
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Indeed! Oh! I guess this is what Tiger been pointing at as well!
Am i right Tiger ?

Guysss! be positive nothing gonna happen! we're gonna go out there, we'll rock and win and we'll return healthy and proud with golds! :D

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