How Do You Transfer Photos On Your Computer To A Cd?


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Transferring photos or any files from your computer to a writable CD is very simple. As long as you have a CD and a CDRW drive, you’ll be able to do this. There are different kinds of software available to make this process simplified, so let’s see how your computer reacts.

Start by placing a blank CD into your drive. Wait a few moments and you should hear your drive spinning the disk.

You should now get a pop up asking what you want to do with the CD. You should look for the option that asks if you want to add files to the CD.

Select that option and click to continue.

N a separate window, you’ll open your My Documents folder or whatever folder contains the files that you want to copy onto the CD.

Using the control key (Ctrl) click and hold all of the photos you want to copy. You can then either right click and copy them and then paste them into the burner window, or you can right click and select Send To and the drive that you have the blank CD in.

Once you have all of the photos on to the CD drive, you’ll be able to go into that window and make the selection to start the burning process. Depending on the software you’ve got, you may also be able to name the disk so that when you put it into the computer the next time, it can say Photos instead of just Drive D.

Transferring photos is a simple task and can vary from computer to computer and with different software, but it can be done quickly. As long as you’ve got everything you need and depending on the size of the files, it should only take a few minutes for the CD to be completed.
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Assuming you have a properly installed CD Burner, you can simply select all pictures by pulling down the edit menu. Then all you have to do is right click in the highlighted fields, and on the menu, "send to" should pull down another menu where you can select your CD burner. once you click on that, you should have another window open up for your burner, and and on the left side look for the link that says copy to CD. That should do it.
For transferring photos from computer to a CD you need CD writer. Then you install any burning software through this you copy your pictures to CD from computer.
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What type of disc or cd do I use to put my photos on?
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How do I transfer photos that are on my computer on to a cd? And what kind of cd do I need?

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