How Do I Show Brushes In PhotoShop?


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Louise Gorman answered
To show brushes in PhotoShop, click on 'Window', scroll down the list and then click on 'Show Brushes'. This will bring up a window with different brush types. You can view different settings for the brushes by clicking on the small arrow at the side of the window. To access different options for the brushes, click on 'Brush Options' from the drop down list after you have clicked on the arrow. You can also save and replace brushes, create a new brush or delete an existing one. There are also reset and load options.

Another way of accessing the brushes is to click on 'Window' and select either 'Show Colour' or 'Show Swatches' from the drop down list, as these will come up in the same window as the brushes. To hide the brushes, click on 'Window' and select 'Hide Brushes' to remove the window.

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