How Do You Make Pictures Look Like Polaroid's Using Photoshop?


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Lakshmipriya Nair Profile
Making Polaroids with the help of Photoshop is very easy as well as interesting. First choose the photograph that you want converted and open Photoshop. Then convert the background in the photograph to a layer. Then click and drag the square selection above the photograph. Now make a selection of the Polaroid border for the photograph. The most common colour is white.

The next step is to add a colour fill to the photograph's border. Now add shadow to the photograph in a very subtle manner with the use of Photoshop toolbar. You can also add a Gaussian blur to the shadow by applying a blur of 1 pixel. Now add the texturiser filter and drop the shadow to the Polaroid picture. Next add a background to the picture and rotate the Polaroid. Now add text and crop the picture. Your Polaroid picture with the help of Photoshop is ready.

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