How Do You Make Pictures Look Like Polaroid's In Paint Shop?


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Lakshmipriya Nair Profile
This method is about making the photo look like the most common Polaroid format of a perfect square picture with a white rectangular border. To make pictures look like Polaroids in paint shop pro first click on the Crop tool from the tool bar. Use this tool bar to shape the picture into a square and compose your snapshot. Then go to Image, Add Borders from the tool bar and ensure that the border is white and proceed to add thin borders of this white colour to the top and sides of the snapshot and a thick border to the bottom.

If you want to add a text to the photo then got o the text tool and select the font size of something of 36 and then select the font type which looks like handwriting and then proceed to choose the colour of the font. Then click on the left corner of the picture border and type your message. Then click on Apply and reposition the txt to your preference by dragging it. Your Polaroid photo is ready.

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