How Do You Program Innovage Jumbo Universal Remote To A Polaroid Slimline DVD Player?


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If you want to program any universal remote you should know it's code and instructions. Without knowing the codes for universal remote you'll not be able to program it for any type of device. Therefore for programing your remote for your Polaroid Slimline DVD player you need some instructions. And you can find those instruction in the PDF format from this link by clicking here
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If you don't know the code,you have to do one thing:Turn on the DVD first,then on the remote press DVD. After that press code search until the red light on your remote lits.Now keep pressing the power button ON and OFF until the DVD power off
Once it powers off press enter on your remote.Please don't go to fast.
This procedure applies for any electronic
item which code is unknown like TV,VCR, DVD player , CABLE boxes.So you don't need the code,you only need a universal remote
and you apply this procedure.

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