How To Find A Manual For The Innovage Jumbo Universal Remote?


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Well, after extensive searching over the web I couldn't find an original version that is available download.

BUT, luckily enough there is a very nice guy out there who has taken the time out to scan his own and upload it for others to download it.

You can find it here.
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Thank you "Nice Guy"! We are all greatfull for your time
Holden Beach, NC
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Thank you so much to the nice man that scanned in the codes and programming directions. My mother in law is very ill and losing her sight and I bought this remote for her and my pkg didn't even have the instructions. I called and called Innovative Products and I never heard anything back from them. I also emailed them and I tried taking the remote back where I got it from and they refused to exchange it. (even with a receipt). So thank you sooooooooo much. *MUAH* kisses to you.
Mildred Brook
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May your kindness be returned to you many times.
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Need code for rca tv for a innovage jumbo remote

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