How Do I Program A Jumbo Universal Remote To My Sanyo TV?


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Visit, the website is full of useful information and tools regarding remote controls. This website also had a PDF version of the manual for the Jumbo Universal Remote Control. It is the top manual download on the website and has clear instructions on how to use the remote and get the most use out of it.
For most devices, the quickest and easiest way to program it to the control is with a code that is unique to the device. If you do not have this code, it does not matter as there is a way to manually program it by skipping though all the possible codes.

To program the Jumbo Universal Remote Control, begin by turning on the device you would like to sync with the remote. On the remote hold the code button until the light is solid and then press the corresponding button to the device such as TV, VCR, SAT, DVD, CAB or AUD. Then point the remote at the device and press channel up or channel down and the remote will scan through codes until the device turns off and then press enter. It show now be programmed.
The Jumbo Remote is well known for being difficult to use and difficult to program. It is often bought as a gag joke due to its size as many people find remote controls and other small devices difficult to use as they get older and their eyesight fails them. But many people find it to be a great tool for functioning a variety of devices, particularly as it can be programmed to control all the remote controlled devices in your home such as your TV, video, DVD, satellite and radio.
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Switch on the device and press CODE SEARCH button from your remote control. Hold down the button for at least three seconds and the red LED light will go up. Enter the three digit codes and the codes are as follows and you can also search them:

048, 080, 004, 180, 162, 169, 049

Check all the codes and if the LED light gets off after entering the 3rd digit then it means that the code has accepted. Press the ENTER button to store the code and your remote control has programmed.

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