How Do I Program The Sharper Image Jumbo Universal Remote Control To A Sylvania Tv? I Also Do Not Know The Code?


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Tim Cook answered

This happens a lot more than you might expect. Luckily, there are several options open to you to reprogram your Sharper Image jumbo universal remote control.

If you want a copy of the manual that came with the remote, you can download and print off a copy using, or

If it's just the codes you're after, try, or, all of which have threads dedicated to codes for the Sharper Image jumbo remote.

Sharper Image themselves can be contacted by telephone on 1-877-714-7444 (this is their customer order helpline, so you may not get through to the right person at first) or via email on their official website.

YouTube is another good place to look for tips on remotes. This film gives general advice on programming universal remotes:

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