Lost My One For All Remote Codes URC-4640b01, For Apex T.V. Also Need Manual?


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Now you've done it, and we've all done it at one point or another, you've lost your TV remote control or a code you need to operate it properly, and you don't know how to operate your television without it. Here's what to do to make your TV part of your life again and not miss all of your favorite TV shows, and to keep your wife from killing you. 

There are several choices at your local electronics store for replacing your remote control, and a manual is not needed. Simply follow the instructions listed on the package of your new remote, and once you have inserted the batteries, and set it to start, it will take several minutes to calibrate and become adjusted to your television set.  If you've simply lost a code for your TV, research the internet site for your brand of TV if you don't have the operating manual. 

You can chose from several different models depending on your needs. There are inexpensive models which have basic controls for your television only to more expensive models that can manage an entire home multi-media system and communicate with your PC and laptop. And the set-up process is pretty generic, although the multi-media systems tend to take a little longer to set-up and calibrate. After you have successfully completed the set-up process, your new remote control should work just as good or better than your original. 

Read your new owner's manual completely as new options exist that may not have been around when you got your first remote device. Most of the advanced devices now support picture-in-picture technology, and they also contain controls for your DVD, VCR, and other electronic entertainment equipment. 

Losing your remote control or the codes needed to operate it are not good reasons to go buy a new TV, thanks to the wonders of technology you can have your TV back the same day in most cases.
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On the remote press tv once press and hold set until the LED blinks twice then release set enter 9-9-1 The led will blink twice aim the remote control at the tv and slowly alternate between pressing power and tv stop when the tv turns off to lock the code press and hold set until the led blinks twice

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