I Have A Monster Remote By TV Tech And Have Lost The Codes To It, Can You Help?


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You have an old Monster remote and you aren’t sure how to program it because you can’t find the manual or code books.  There is a reason you can’t find the code books, these remotes are actually programmed using your computer and need to be connected in order for the updates to be made.  You will need to locate your software CD that came with the remote control package or order a replacement from the manufacturer. 

Once you have the software you can install it.  Installing the software is no different than any other software that comes with a printer of scanner.  All of these manufacturer’s instructions advise you to install the software and then connect the device.  Connecting your device prior to installing the software can cause driver issues and hours of attempting to resolve them.  Please follow all manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

After the software is installed, you will connect the remote to your computers USB port with the cord provided at purchase.  If you do not have the cord or cannot find it, there is a possibility that you could use one of your standard USB cords you have available for other devices such as a rechargeable mouse that has a charging cord or digital camera. 

Now that you are connected, software installed and your remote has a full charge, you can follow the on screen prompts to set up the devices that you require the remote to control.  The first device you generally want to program is the television but you will also have the option of setting up VCR/DVD/DVR and other similar devices. 

For ordering replacement software or cables, please see manufacturer’s web site or send a request by mail for details.
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What are the codes for a sanyo ,Ge,orion,magnavox,and many more. For a monster remote by tv tech
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Try the universal code 0000

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