I've Lost The TV Remote Control, Where Can I Buy A New One?


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Many android phones come with an IR port and you can get free apps in the google play store to use as remote controls. 

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Rajesh Shri answered
The best place to buy a new TV remote control would be online what with the choice available one is sure to get the right model. One can search online by typing in the brand name and the model number of the remote and one is sure to find a remote that matches your configurations perfectly. What's more one can also replace any defective parts or add new features compatible with your TV all at the click of a mouse.

Another thing that one could do is visit the store from where you bought the TV set and enquire if they have any spare remote models suitable for your brand or if they could order one from the company itself.

One can go for a universal remote too though most remotes of this kind do not offer all features and also tend to develop problems later on. If one misplaces the remote frequently than one could try a remote control with a beeper option.

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