How Do I Program A Quantum Fx Remote Control Rem-114 Without Having A User Guide Or Code Book?


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The Quantum FX Remote control REM -114 is the same as any other universal remote control device. The devices were designed for ease of use and to reduce the amount of remote controls that are needed for a number of different items of electrical equipment.

Programming a universal remote control is quite simple, even without the instructions or the code book. It may take some time though as the remote control works in a slightly different way, as it picks up the make and model of a television, enabling it to work with the device. 

To program the device, the following steps need to be followed:

• Turn on the television
• Press and hold the 'Code search' button, whilst pressing the 'TV' button on the universal remote control
• Release the 'code search' button
• Press the 'on/off' button until the television turns off, this can take some time as it bypasses the element of having to enter the code and searches through all the codes one at a time until it discovers the correct code
• When the device turn off press the 'Enter' button
• Turn the device back on, and press any other button - this should have enabled the remote control to work with the television.

Universal remote controls are only designed to control the basic functions of devices, such as volume, on/off, and channel searching. Any advanced features do not function with a universal remote control, but most of the time the basic functions are all people will use.

There are more expensive models of universal remote controls that will control other functions on your television, and other devices, but the remote controls that you already have can operate these more advanced functions, that are used less readily.

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