Lost manual for quantum fx rem 115 jumbo universal remote, how can I program it?


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The Quantum FX Rem 115 Jumbo Universal Remote, like most other remotes, can be programmed using unique codes to link the remote up with your television devices such as a DVD player or satellite box. Universal remotes that use this code linking system can all be programmed in a similar way. If you do not have a code for your remote control, it is possible to find them, both three-digit and four- digit, online on websites such as www.remote-codes.com/ and www.remotecentral.com/features/remotes.htm These websites offer a range of codes that can be used with the specified combinations of remotes and television devices. In order to program your universal remote control there are a few simple steps you can take to set up your devices without a manual.

The first step is to decide which device you want to set up with the remote control. Let’s say you want to make your remote control work with the DVD player, first you need to turn on the DVD player manually. On the universal remote look for the ‘code search’ button and hold it down until the control’s lights switch on. Then, press and release the button on the remote (i.e. One labelled DVD or a specific number) and the light should blink and then remain on. This means that you need to enter the code into the remote in order to set up your device. If you have managed to find a three-digit or four-digit code online then enter it here. The code is successful if the light goes off, if the light continues to blink then you need to try a different code. If your code appears to have been accepted, you can double check by trying to switch off the DVD player using the power button on the universal remote. If the device switches off then you have a working code, if not you will need to try a different one.

The Quantum FX Rem 115 Universal Remote has the option to search for a programming code within it. Using the ‘code search’ function on your remote, the light will flash a certain number of times between gaps to determine a code. For example if it flashes twice, pauses, flashes five times, pauses and then flashes three times, the code is 253. You can then enter this code in the usual way.

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