How Do I Program A Quantum Fx Remote Control To My RCA Tv?


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RCA codes are 002 ~ 008, 044 ~ 046, 053.
1. Press set+ Power buttons together.
2. Press TV button (to tell remote what you're programming)
3. Enter one of the 3-digit code ###'s above.
4. Press ENT button.
5. Check operation (does it work?).
6. If not, back to step 1. If so, note correct ###.
7. There's a code search function, but I don't know if it works.
7a. Set+ Power
7b. Press TV button (target component)
7c. CH+ button then Power button
7d. Check operation
7e. If not working, to to 7c...
7d. No way to extract which code is correct.
8. There's a way to change CBL/SAT & DVD to other functions.

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