How Do You Use A Laptop As A TV Remote Control?


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It is possible to do this but it is not ideal.  It can be very expensive and will take quite a while to set up.  To begin with the person would need to get a RS-232IR transmitter or something similar and they would be able to program it and then use it to activate the TV from their laptop.  After that they would need to buy the emitter.  They will be available in plenty of shops and also online.

Before buying the equipment they would need to check that it was going to be compatible.  As there are so many different types this could be difficult.  Once that is done the software needs to be sourced.  Again this cannot be any software but will have to be compatible.

The next stage is to get the RE-232 commands.  These commands need to be for the devices they wanted to control.  Having got all the necessary parts and connected them properly it will be possible to use the laptop to control the television set.  It can be done without help if the person follows the instructions carefully.

It will not just be the television that could be controlled although it would not be possible to have wireless connection.  There will be the need to connect the laptop and the serial cable.  Once this was done the laptop and emitter controller will allow control.  There may be an IR emitter laptop although they are not common but you would need to find one of these before the control could be carried out wirelessly.
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You can use the laptop as a TV remote control with the help of Infra-red technology. Your laptop has an infrared port on the side of your laptop. All you need is a piece of software that sends signals from the laptop to your television. It does not matter if it is a Windows and Linux software. A couple of software worth mentioning are and sourceforge. The maximum range on a laptop infra-red range is between 3-6 feet. Download the software and you will be able to use the laptop as a TV remote provided you keep both devices in the range mentioned in the previous sentence.
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Ive searched for hours & can not find any freeware that will allow one to use a laptop as a tv remote control. There are plenty of pay programs like IRCommand2, but most are difficult to configure. All demos I have found have link errors, missing registration info, or some kind of other hurdle that just added to my frustration. However, there is a PDA version that sounds promising ( ) I have downloaded it & have yet to install it on my Dell Pocket PC. For now, I am too drained to bother.

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