How Can I Hook Up My HP Laptop To My TV So I Can Watch Movies On The TV's Screen?


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To hook up your HP laptop to your TV so that you can watch movies on the TV’s screen, you need only connect the HP laptop’s video input to the TV’s. Just what kind of video input you use depends on the specs of each component.

1. First and foremost, you need a video cable to make the connection happen. Depending on what format you’re using, you can use an S-Video cable, a VGA cable, or an HDMI cable, the latter two offering the best visual quality.

The simplest and cheapest way of connecting your laptop to your TV, regardless of how old either component is, consists of connecting the laptop’s S-Video port to the TV’s S-Video input.

For a higher quality of visual, a VGA cable used with VGA ports is the way to go. Once again, since VGA is a fairly old format, most laptops and TVs have the port, and its visual quality is better than S-Video’s.

But the best visual quality will come from using an HDMI cable to connect your TV’s HDMI input to your laptop’s DVI or HDMI output. If you can go HDMI to HDMI, you will have about the best visual quality possible.

2. Once you have connected the laptop and TV, you can open "display settings” on your HP laptop and activate TV screen output. 

3. Assuming you have a TV that isn’t too old, your next step is to switch to "External Inputs” on the TV’s menu. If you’re connected with HDMI, you must switch the default from "Video 1” to "HDMI”, or else "Video 2” if you’ve made the connection with S-Video or VGA.

And then you should be ready to watch laptop visuals on your big screen. Please note that you may have to adjust the resolution on your TV screen once your HP laptop is connected, as the picture may appear distorted at first.
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It all depends what ports you have in the back of the machine and what ports you have in your tv. First of all are we talking about a desktop pc or a laptop - since laptops are abit easier....since they are designed to have external reference monitors....for presentations or so on.

Generally the easiest connection is an SVIDEO cable (a round 4 pin cable) but some machines project the picture in black and white on tvs at times depending on how new the video card is. After pluging in the cable from machine to will need to go to your control panel and active the 2nd monitor if it does not load automatically...

a similar cable as show in the image could be used...the svideo end (black end) is attached to the computer and the RCA end is connected to the tv (yellow end)

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Assuming that your laptop has an HDMI out port and your TV has an HDMI input port, simply plug the cable into both devices and (depending on what laptop you have) you will usually need to hit the function key (FN) and one of the F1-F12 keys. (If you have an Apple, then I'm not really sure... But I will try to find that info for you.) Now, for my Dell I believe I hit FN+F8 (hit one time for only TV out, two times to have it displayed on the TV and on the laptop, and three times to get the original laptop-only display).
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I have movies on my laptop and want to watch them on my tv.  What cables do I need to use?  I have HDMI cables.
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Ok... You don't mention what connections you have on the back of your TV, nor do you say where this cable is designed to connect on your laptop. Now if it connects to the standard external monitor connector on the laptop, then unless you have an HDTV, you probably do not have the cable you need to make the connection. Also, if your TV only has the old standard of the RCA style red, yellow, white connectors then you will probably not be able to connect them.
 You may need to go to your local electronics shop and see if they have a 'scan converter box' for sale. This is a box that you would connect to your computer's external monitor port, and the cable or component (RCA) input jacks on your TV.
 I'm afraid you have chosen to attempt something that is not so easy as you'd think it should be, as the monitor on your laptop actually has a much higher resolution than your tv, unless your TV is HD. Unless your laptop is quite old, the resolution on your LCD monitor is usually going to be 1280x800 (assuming it's widescreen) or higher, and even a 780p HDTV is only about equivalent to that resolution, so anything less is going to be much lower resolution than your laptop. This means that the signal coming from your laptop will need to be downgraded to match your TV's resolution unless you have HD, and that's where the scan converter box would come in.
 Best of luck, and I hope you get things worked out...

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It depends on what outputs your laptop has and what inputs your TV has. The simplest connection would be if you have a DVI output on your laptop and a DVI input on your TV, then  you just need to get a DVI to DVI cable. Similarly if your TV has an HDMI input, you can get a DVI to HDMI cable. If you have an older TV with no digital input, you will need to get a converter box or card to hook your laptop up to your TV.
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Look at your your keyboard if you have the computer connected to the TV/moniter with a HDMI or VGA cable, if so then you press the blue FN key in the bottom row, nect to the control key and then look at the top F1, F2, F3, and so on keys, its one that has a blue box with a line on the left and right side of it, I have a HP laptop and mine is FN+F4. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.
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S-video only does video, go buy a cord that goes from a headphone jack to the red and white and it'll carry the sound for your TV.
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If your TV has a 15-pin d-sub input it is ready to display computer output. You would need a 15-pin to 15-pin cable however.
If not you can use a VGA to composite converter. As others have said, the VGA output is usually at a much higher resolution than a normal NTSC TV can display so you will lose some video information. In particular small text will be hard to read.
---} You can get one such converter here {---


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You may not have correct driver installed into your system, You should scan your computer for hardware driver from then upgrade your driver, Hope the answer of the question, Best of luck in future
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Usually the laptops have a VGA port output, hook a vga cable to the VGA input of the TV and if the TV has DVI or component input then you can buy a converter that goes on the end of the cable to change the vga end to one that will go into the TV input. There are sites that show the various connections like or or good luck.
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Check to see if your laptop has a round connection or a regular monitor connection. My laptop has a little tv icon with an antenna on top of it. There is also a button that has a small icon that looks like this: LOl with a box around it. If you press the Fn button then the button with that icon on it, it will send the picture to that connection from the laptop, then plug the other end into the tv. The plug is called s-video and not every tv has them. Most newer TVs do though. Then change the input on the tv to the s-video and you should be good to go.
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Well if you buy a cord that can go from a headphone jack to the red and white ones it will carry the sound just like what is said in that other post
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Go to I think you need some kind of piece to just hook up  or call the manufacturer for the laptop and ask them
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It is quite a common practice to hook up your laptop to your television. It is quite easy to do so. Any laptop that has a S-Video card or a VGA card in it can be easily hooked to the television by using a converter adapter cable. This cable can easily be purchased at any computer hardware store or a television spare part shop. The cable is so common these days that it is quite cheaply available. Hooking up the laptop to television is quite easy. The cable consists of two ends, one end has a single big port which will be connected to the laptop and the other end will have four ports which will be hooked up to the television.

Hook up the cables accordingly by properly looking at them. Turn on the television and go to the external audio visual channel. The screen should be the same as the laptop and you can start working on it.
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Well to connect the laptop to a TV you need a TV-card, which you can take from market not that much costly, You have two choices either buy internal TV-card or you can buy the external TV-card.

In the internal TV-card you just fit the TV card within your laptop just like modem or lan card and then you have to connect the cable wire of your TV with the laptop TV card which is assembled in your system and you would enjoy your computer TV.You can also buy the external TV -card, which has the same features like that of internal TV -card but it is not assembled within the Laptop.

It's just like printer and scanner which we install with the computer and carry on our workings. The method to connect the TV-card with the laptop is very simple. The TV card set has its own wire in the available pack. We just have to connect the wire with both the laptop and TV card. After that, we will get the entertaining cable network service by attaching the cable wire with TV-card.The external TV-card have the remote control and you can enjoy watching TV by sitting far away from your computer at your bed, and also have a very best picture quality.
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Depends, 1. If your Hp laptop has HDMI Output on the side and the Flat TV has and HDMI input that is all you need, some Laptop only send video through this output, but the new ones have both video and audio.

2. The laptop should have a round looking connector on the left side back corner known as a
S-Video output, but only video will come out of this output.

3. If your flat screen tv has a VGA connector on the back, then you can use this to do the trick, this is normally to connect and external monitor to your laptop, but your flat tv can be use for that, just choose the PC Input on your flat tv and make sure you use the headphone jack of your hp laptop for the sound.

4. Make sure your video card is set to the right settings for either a clone monitor or tv output, well this will depend what you have for video card.

Your HDMI output of your hp will be the best for doing this, if no HDMI is found, then get a computer that has is, it's well worth it. Good luck.

Lord Beno out...
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Some laptops have an S-Video output for MONITOR on the back of the laptop, if so you are good to go, plug in with a S-Video cable from the laptop to the monitor and restart the computer. Put the TV to it's correct input mode to recognize the S-Video cable and you should have a computer screen on the TV.
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Connecting Your Computer To Any T.V. Or Flat screen.

The best way to connect your computer would be through a "direct connection", this would only be an option if your television has a "VGA" input, or your computer has a RCA, DVI, HDMI, or an RF video card. You can find the VGA, RCA adapter here
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Here's another way that's very easy to do.  This article shows images and you don't even have to deal with your display settings...Check it out! Http://

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