How do I hook up my hp desk jet j301a to my computer/router? There is no wps button to push on the router it is a cysco.


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  • Where to go.
If you are struggling to link up your HP printer to your computer, the first point of call should be the store or outlet from which you purchased the product. The majority of stores now offer technical advice and have counters dedicated to inquiries and problems of this nature.

  • Who to contact.
You may also wish to contact the Hewlett Packard helpline which can be reached by phoning 800-474-6836. Alternatively you may wish to visit the manufacturers website and look at the troubleshooting section to see if this is a common problem -

When purchasing your HP printer the box should have come with a users manual, this will have a step-by-step guide informing you how to connect your printer to a desktop or laptop computer. It will also tell you if the printer can be connected wirelessly, ie. Without the need of a USB cable.

  • Online Resources
If you no longer have the user manual or never received one, this can be downloaded from the official Hewlett Packard website at -

Hewlett Packard (HP) is an electronic goods manufacturer, specializing in a number of products including desktop computers and other peripherals, as well as digital cameras and smartphones.

The company is perhaps best known for its line of printers, including the models 'Desktop 1000', '3000', '3050' and '3050A'.

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